Boutique Policies


1. All sales are final. There are NO returns, exchanges, refunds or transferred credits on any item sold at The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique. No exceptions due to the nature of the business.

 2. Special/custom order garments require a minimum of 4-6 months for production depending on the manufacturer & all ship dates are approximate. The manufacturer reserves the right to change a ship date based on their production schedule. 

 3. When placing a special order, please review your invoice to ensure that the style, size and color are correct. Sizes are only recommended based upon the specific manufacturer's size chart that you are ordering from and the measurements taken at The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique.  We are not responsible for measurements NOT taken at The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique. The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique will not be held responsible for the fit of your garment should you choose a size other than our recommendation.

4. When selecting color options on special order/custom items, it is recommended that a color swatch be brought in to match. We do not order based upon pictures or color names. The Fancy Frock is not responsible for color selections chosen by the customer.

 5. The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique is not responsible for the fit or additional costs (alterations or materials needed) due to weight loss/gain, illness, pregnancy or plastic surgery. If any of these issues do arise, please notify the shop immediately.

 6. The customer will be notified upon arrival of the special ordered merchandise and will have approximately 7-10 days to check over merchandise for any manufacturer flaws. Any remaining balance on special ordered merchandise is to be paid in full when the merchandise is received by The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique or any time before & will only be held for 30 days. 

**Any items not paid for in full & picked up within 30 days after customer is notified will be forfeited to the boutique unless prior arrangements have been made with owner in writing.

7. All merchandise must be picked up within 7 days of the wedding date on file or it will become property of The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique.  It is not our responsibility to contact you after the wedding date has passed in regards to any merchandise left behind. If a wedding is cancelled for any reason, no refund or credit will be given & items will then become property of the boutique.

 8. Once merchandise is removed from The Fancy Frock Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique, we are no longer responsible for the care or condition of the item. Please inspect before you leave the store. You may purchase a vinyl or white cloth zipper garment bag here for $15.

 9. All in stock, off-the-rack merchandise is sold “As Is” unless previously discussed with owner and in written agreement.

 10. All in stock, off-the-rack merchandise may be held for 24 hours with a $100 non-refundable deposit.


Tips For Your Visit

  Before your visit, please review the following information and ask yourself a few questions so you know what type of appointment to schedule:

1. Are you seriously looking to purchase your gown today?

2. Do you have your whole support person/people with you- those you want with you to help in your decision?

3. Are you wearing the proper undergarments (panties are mandatory and if not worn, appointment will need to be rescheduled)

4. Is your wedding 1 year or less away from the current date?

*If you've answered yes to all of these questions, you are ready for a Fancy Frock bridal appointment! Please let the consultant know! 

If you are NOT ready to purchase the day of your appointment, you may schedule a "Find My Style" consultation appointment for a $50 fee- you will be given 1 hour and may try on up to 4 gowns/silhouettes. Please let the consultant know if you'd like to book this type of appointment and if you decide to purchase at a later date, you will be credited back the $50 fee towards your purchase.

Helpful tips to remember:

  • Trust us - it is best to try on dresses with just one or two guests. We have limited seating/space and the shop can quickly feel crowded so we can not accommodate bridal appointments with more than 3 people. Many differing opinions can also be overwhelming & confusing for the bride so we ask that you bring 1 or 2 people who you feel truly value your opinion/feelings and will make this process easier, not harder!

  • Travel light - many of our dresses are made from delicate fabrics, which can be damaged by makeup and jewelry

  • Our shop is not appropriate for babies or small children. We are unable to accommodate strollers or small children running around and worry that heavy mirrors, scissors and pins are in easy reach. Please arrange for child care so that you get the most out of your bridal shopping experience

  • Please no food or drink except water

  • In many cases, you may be sharing our shop with another bride and her party. This makes for a fun atmosphere, but if you prefer to have the shop to yourself, please schedule a private bridal appointment

  • We love brides who are on time for appointments! If you find you are running more than 10 minutes late - or early - please call to let us know but your appointment may need to be rescheduled per owner's discretion. We want to make sure you (and the brides before and after you) have a great experience and an adequate amount of time

                                                    Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you!