Frock Fundamentals (Our Rules!)


1. We have fun! This is a very special time for you and The Fancy Frock is your new friend

& home away from home! We laugh a lot here and encourage laughter…

 2. We stay positive!  All supporters of the bride are here to support and uplift

Mom always said, “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything”…but do look for the positive…and remember who's wearing the dress- if it isn't you then your opinion is just that!

 3. We never use the word ‘fat’…other words frowned upon at The Fancy Frock are: huge, enormous, flabby, chunky, etc…please don’t make us list them all. Forbidden!
*this also includes pointing to a body part and making an ugly face!

 4. We focus on what we like about ourselves and make selections that enhance our natural, God-given beauty…all women are uniquely beautiful!

5. We encourage kindness , mindfulness & common sense...this relates to adults & children alike...and Jennifer's teaching days are definitely over!  We do not provide child care service (nor is it a good idea to allow a child to run free or bring in a 

gigantic strawberry smoothie into the boutique from next door! Ever!! )

 6. We keep calm and stay on track…instincts are there for a reason…

if you must tell yourself that you’ll lose "X"amount of  pounds or want to reconstruct 

the whole dress then it’s a definite NO

There is a perfect dream dress for everyone and we will help you find it!